Does your book need a cover that demands to be read?


Do your words deserve great design?

We all know you should never judge a book by its cover - but that's what we all do, every time we pick one up. No book deserves to be dismissed because it's poorly presented. We're proud of our books, and believe they have some of the most beautiful covers around.

A typical cover, like the ones on this page, costs just $ have a closer look (click to enlarge them), and then email, so that we can make your book stand out from the crowd.

We specialise in eBooks and work hard to make sure that covers stand out in a digital world. We check that all our designs work not just as full size vibrant covers, but as small thumbnails, and in black and white on eBook readers.

Have a quick search round Amazon, and it's often easy to spot the books from smaller publishers and self-publishers - where budget constraints almost inevitably lead to amateur looking designs. We're committed to producing the kind of attractive, professional covers that demand attention.

We also produce full wraparound covers for print (with a back cover and spine) for just $299 - which includes the eBook cover for free.

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