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  • There is no time-limit on how long eBooks stay on the shelf. They'll remain on sale indefinitely, and over time, reviews and recommendations build up. A keen self-publisher might be writing a book right now, that will compete with one of your titles. The sooner you publish, the sooner you're building your online reputation - putting your authors in pole position!

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Fifty Movies in fifty words (or less)

If you didn't know Jaws was a comedy then you need to read this book.

Films are brilliant! But sometimes they are also really stupid. In Fifty Movies in Fifty Words (or less) Jerry Baxter has carefully selected fifty of the best films ever made, and then poked fun at them with an especially blunt pencil.

You'll also see why Jerry's old art teacher was so very proud of his freestyle drawing skills.

Do you want to know why Darth Vader should learn to ride a Penny Farthing?

Have you always wondered why Charlton Heston was such a big fan of guns?

You'll get the answers to these burning questions, and much, much more in this wonderfully funny book.

Films included range from Casablanca to the Matrix, The Godfather to Fight Club, and Harry Potter to Alien. Don't delay - laugh today!

There are plenty more movies in the Fifty Movies in Fifty Words (or less) eBook, and remember you can read it on your iPhone, Android phone, PC, Mac, Ipad, Tablet as well as the Kindle!

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Personalised Children's Books

We've just launched a very special children's book, Bob and the Biscuits.

Bob and the Biscuits is no ordinary eBook. Sure, Sally Beans has written a charming little story about biscuits (and in our opinion there simply can't be too many books about biscuits!), but it's also the first of our children's books that can be personalised. We can change the names, text and even pictures for you, so that you receive a book that leaves your little ones' eyes wide with excitement.

You can buy Bob and the Biscuits in its original form on Amazon, or just contact us at for information on how to get a personalised copy for just $9.99.

Keep an eye on Candescent Press for more personalised books!

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