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Need a cover that says bestseller?
We’re specialists in eBook design and can get your book ready for publication in the Amazon Kindle store within days. We can publish novels, poetry, cookery books, short stories, children's picture books and more...

We offer a full, personalised formatting service, where we take your book in any digital format, and turn it into a perfect eBook or paperback. Using our own Format55 process we hand craft each book to a a standard that matches, and in many cases exceeds, the bestsellers from the big publishers.

We can format your book for just $249, so it displays beautifully on the Kindle, (or the Kindle apps for iPad, PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and more), and can design professional covers that really stand out! We also format books into ePub format, used by Kobo, Nook and more. So, what are you waiting for...Get Published Today.

Read more on our formatting pages or if you're keen to get started, just email your manuscript to and we'll get back to you with any questions.

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